Motivation and Overall Goal

  • Coding is another language
  • Coding fosters creativity
  • Coding helps children with Math skills
  • Coding improves writing academic performance
  • Coding helps children become confident problem solvers
  • And lastly because we  💖 coding

For a while I have been meaning to teach code to my nephew. He wants to build a video game and while I love his passion, I told him we will start with the basis and eventually get there. With all the COVID-19 situation, schools closed and kids at home 24/7, parents are going crazy looking for way to keep our little’s brain busy in a productive manner. I strongly believe coding is an incredible way to entertain the problems solvers of the future while giving them real skills in a world that becomes more digital by the day. With that in mind we discussed with the boss (my nephew) and he agreed that it would be awesome to share this course we are preparing for him with other kids his age (10+). That is how XAFers Training for KIDS was born and our first Teaching Kids Programming with C# course is being created.

Jose Javier Columbie

Always Free

The only thing we ask is desire to learn and  2 hours on a Saturday Morning. We are starting with Teaching Kids Programming with C# based on the Pluralsight course with the same name (we just updated it a bit) but we will be creating new ones until we get a small video game completed. (A kid needs to have goals)

English and Spanish

We offer training  in English and Spanish. We definitely believe giving our next generation the skills to land that great big job in the future is essential and we never forget our Spanish community. We would love to be part of the journey of a kid to learn code.

Parents and Child Classes

We encourage all parents to attend with their child and help them work through the exercises. The class is highly interactive and who knows even the adult can learn a thing or two. 


Jose Javier Columbie

Jose J Columbie

(XAF & XPO) + (Xamarin & Azure) =💪💪

Joche Ojeda

We provide a complete in-depth look at the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework to create business app for web and windows.


  • Sequence, Fundamentals Coding Blocks, Loops
  • Events / UI,Conditionals, Complex Loop, Logic Structures
  • To think of being a problem solver
  • Understand how technologies converse with each other

Kids Courses