Did you notice?

XAF is our daily bread and we love it. We hope to get you as excited as we are.

We provide XAF Training tailored to meet the needs of the client and from Zero to Deploy. 

Whether you are a novice or an experienced developer, we guarantee our training will be a helpful resource to expand your skillset. Courses can last a day or several; during the training, we focus on giving you a hands-on experience, so you acquire the practical skills that will allow you to continue learning on your own.

Welcome Aboard!


We offer training with eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) and Entity Framework (EF). 

For a performance comparison between both check this link.

The bottom line is:  Use what you feel more comfortable with. For us that will be XPO. Starting with XAF from day one means there was no EF back then so XPO became our Swiss knife and we choose it for every project. Take the Advanced XPO training to have more than 14 databases engines at your fingertips.


Need to consume your data outside of XAF?   With Odata you can build, and secure your RESTful APIs that can be consumed from any language or platform.

We will show you how to build the server, the client and how to integrate them in your app. How to map your existing database, configure permissions, authentication, tokens and the absolute basics of requesting, querying, and modifying resources in an OData service.



We are beyond excited with the announcement  of  having Blazor included in our beloved framework but until then what are our choices?

For us, C# developers Xamarin is the quickest and easiest route to get into mobile programming. It enables us to build cross-platform or native applications for both Android and iOS devices from the comfort of your Visual Studio IDE.

Another choice will be the Uno Platform. We are happy to say our trainers have industry experience in both frameworks and can guide you trough the whole process.

About Xafers.Training

Having delivered several XAF projects, we offer you the ideal trainers to coach and mentor you through the process of learning XAF so you can master the most productive frameworks and technologies in the .NET world.

All our courses are given in English and Spanish.

Why Choose Us

  • Industry Leader Expert Trainers
  • Hundreds of successful technological solutions developed with XAF
  • Course content tailored to meet the needs of the client
  • Personalized feedback
  • Zoom, email and telephone support

Key Features

  • Project Setup and Overview
  • Creating Business Objects and Controllers
  • Reviewing Features and Modules
  • Extending the UI. Custom Templates
  • Localization and Deploy