From Zero to Deploy

You’ll get in-depth development insights from our trainers on the topics of building, publishing and deploying your XAF app in Windows and Web.

From Training to Job

XAFers Training and Xari are offering a new program. From Training to Job in less than 6 month. How does it work? Read more here.

From XAF to mobile

Need a mobile presence for you XAF application. We also train in OData, Web API, Xamarin, MAUI and of course XAF Blazor.

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Jose Javier Columbie

Jose J Columbie

(XAF & XPO) + (Xamarin & Azure) =💪💪

Joche Ojeda

We provide a complete in-depth look at the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework to create business app for web and windows.


“Took the training from BITFrameworks. Excellent trainer, obviously an expert in his field; practical sessions really helped. Would definitely recommend” 

Douglas Coto

Great site with outstanding training. We got the group package for 10 developers. It still felt as personal training, they took the time to asset each of us individually and were super responsive in the slack channel.

Claudio Menetti

The session about localization were awesome. We built a whole app from new project to deploy with complete localization to Spanish.

Hector Beltran